Leadership and Change – Reaching Our Goals

We have quickly come to the end of yet another school year at St. Angela School. Time waits for no one, and our experience this year proves it. Wasn’t it just yesterday we gathered at the back of the school to greet the families and students attending this wonderful school community?

In the past ten months the students and staff have worked extremely hard to establish three key goals: Leadership for ALL, Literacy/Numeracy, and Transformation. For all intents and purposes, these goals have taken root and have become the guideposts for all we do. Goal setting is a crucial skill every great leader develops. Using the goals as filters, helps us to determine if we are moving forward or not.

Throughout this school year, we continually asked the same question: “Is what we are doing (any specific activity or request) helping us to reach our goals?” If we keep the goals in sight the results will be exceptional. If the activities or requests made no difference in reaching our goals, why should we spend time or money or human resource on them? The result: things have changed. New strategies have evolved. Some activities and strategies (long standing ones even) have been let go.

Sometimes this process is hard to understand for those who are not inside the building. For example, it is not ‘graduation’ for Kindergarten, nor is it ‘graduation’ for Grade 6. We are moving on. It is a commencement (in French we say: “commence”, which means to ‘begin’). It is not an ending, but a beginning and is why we don’t have ‘graduation’ ceremonies to mark them.

As we gather for our final day at the end of June, celebrating our successes (and there are many) and asking God to bless our summer break, we are reminded to Sharpen The Saw. It means taking time to relax, read, play with our friends and relatives, go camping, swimming, and even mountain climbing. It means ‘shifting’ our thinking. Sharpen the Saw is the seventh habit which actually ‘circles’ all the other six habits of leadership. Practicing this habit will help all of us take a much-needed break from our regular routines, bringing us back in September with renewed enthusiasm, willingness and drive to reach our goals as we Begin With the End in Mind.  Have a GREAT summer!

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