Leaders as learners, creators and collaborators.

Yes, the title of this post contains all the buzz words.  You will be hard pressed to find educational articles and blogs written today without these words showing up at some point.  Is this because the words are actually describing something worth examining?

Gone are the days of ‘getting my education’ and now I am just going to work!  I believe it is the crucial role of educators today to ensure every student has embraced a deep desire to be a life-long learner. This attitude can be taught, and learned even at the age of five.

With this attitude in hand, the creator side of learning flourishes.  Learning becomes ‘visible’ as students demonstrate their learning through creative processes, often producing results we have never dreamed of.

Learning to work together with a collaborative mind-set opens our students to see the value of ‘community’.  It can even be a humble stance, ensuring the hockey mindset of ‘we are a team, and we win and lose as a team!’

This is the classroom and school of today.  In the words of Will Richardson:  The classroom is “enough to describe the space where teachers and students learn, create, and collaborate while making use of tools and technologies of the modern world.”  (From Master Teacher to Master Learner)

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