Sharpen The Saw This Summer!

The days are running out, and the end of the school year is very close.  I reflect on the past six months of 2017 and am reminded of my word of the year ‘relationships’.  Without doubt the relationships with my grandchildren and family come first.  I can’t help myself.  Right beside those relationships are those with my colleagues and students.  Have we met every need?  No.  Have we worked hard at creating learning environments of engagement, enhancement and extension (Kolb)?  Yes.  Our staff continue to engage and build on our monthly collaboration days.  As we soon embark on our summer, we will be taking with us a book entitled ‘How Do I Get Them To Write?’ by Karen Filewych (  I highly recommend the book.  It will drive our collective learning in the coming year as we work hard at improving the writing (and reading) skills of all our students.

Rest well this summer!  Take a break from your regular routine and fill that space with beautiful sights (Canada has many) and beautiful people.  I will especially enjoy being in Ottawa on July 1st to celebrate our 150th birthday as a country!  Take the time you need to ‘Sharpen the Saw’ (Habit 7) and make this a memorable summer.  I know this will only happen if I plan ahead (Be Proactive) and set my goals (Begin With The End In Mind).  Take the skills of leadership you have acquired and use them to boost our world!  Doing this will prepare us for yet another great year of learning as leaders, 2017-2018.

One thought on “Sharpen The Saw This Summer!

  1. I know I’m looking forward to sharpening the saw! A few good books, travelling and relaxing are all on my agenda.

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