Choosing your weather! Why is it so hard?

For many students, the concerns and issues surrounding their behaviour can be insurmountable.  I have experienced the ‘I don’t care’ attitude from students throughout my career.  I am often at a loss as to why this is so.  It seems whenever students are engaged, their day simply flies by and they come away with a sense of power and energy in their learning.  But what about that student who would rather go into the hallway, sit on the floor and do nothing?  When asked what the problem is, the resulting shoulder shrug is all you get.  Hmmm?

Is it a motivated teacher?  Perhaps, but not in this case today.  As I reflect on what the student shared (and did not share), I am at a loss why students simply give up and are quite content to just vegetate on the floor.  They notice they are the only one in the whole class not participating.  That alone should bring about participation.  But it didn’t.  I even suspect parents are at their wits end when trying to figure out what can be done to motivate and encourage.

This is my reflection topic today.  How do we help students to choose their weather and bring about a dynamic involvement in their own learning process?  Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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