Term Change Demonstrates Real Change

The end of November brings a lot of activity for any school.  It’s the end of the first term, the arrival of the first report card, the school growth plan is completed and the staff are submitting their own professional growth plans.  Phew!

This is all about growth and learning.  It’s not about creating stress for teachers, students or administration.  We are well into this school year.  Classrooms have become mini communities of learning and collaboration.  Students are seeing themselves improve as they begin to understand concepts and develop competencies.  Confidence becomes evident as we watch students suddenly forge ahead to another reading level or creative response in writing.

Today, I listened to a story about my grandson in grade one.  He is more inclined to be interested in trucks, cars and mechanical things.  He likes to change my winter tires.  It seems he was reading a book (‘Go Dog Go’) and had been struggling.  However, over night something just seemed to click.  He woke up this morning, brought the book to his mother and read the whole book.  His response:  “I just got it Mom!”

When this happens it can be one of the most exciting events in education and learning for anyone.  It’s the times we are struggling with something and suddenly we are hit with an ‘aha’ moment.  ‘I got it!’ The lights come on and a smile crosses our faces.

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