Leadership and Caring

Leadership in the classroom begins with the teacher.  As an educator, each one is called to be a physical example to those wonderful children sitting in front of us.  This is certainly not always easy, especially when children come to us with situations from home causing them stress and pain.  Real life can be extremely hard on children.  Teachers, despite these struggles, are called to invite students to be their best.  What happens when students simply cannot get past the pressures surrounding their lives?  Often, a hand on the shoulder, a smile or a word of encouragement can make a huge difference on a specific day.  Sometimes, right off the bus it is obvious a child is coming to school with concerns and pressures unbeknown to the teacher.  Many children simply ‘don’t want to talk about it’.  As educators, we are called to push through the pressures we see on the faces of our students.  Many days we are successful, and for many we simply cannot get through to what students may need.  Unfortunately, parents may never see the kind of support their child(ren) might be receiving.  What is really clear is the need for caring.  Beyond any type of strategy or technique, the simple choice to care for children as they grow and struggle is all we can do.  How are you being a leader of caring?

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