The Leadership Train Ride

One of my favourite metaphors for the past many years as an administrator is about a train. As a kid, I just LOVED trains. I don’t know why, but trains always seemed to be about journey, moving forward and setting new goals. I would begin the first staff meeting of the school year with this statement: We are on a train ride. If for some reason you feel you don’t want to be on this particular train, please let me know. I would be happy to help you get off at the next stop. But, if you really do want to be on this train, then hang on. It’s going to be a great ride, and I am so happy to be here with you!!

Today, I have stepped onto a new train, going on a completely new track. Some people are calling it the ‘retirement train’. I am calling it the ‘leadership train’. Today was my last day with students before the summer holidays and my retirement from more than 38 years as an educator and administrator.

I call it the Leadership Train Ride because deep inside, I have always believed the way to get the best out of anyone, especially students, is to teach them how to become leaders. When students have leadership skills engrained, their behaviours change, their learning changes, their lives change. I don’t care what method you use to teach leadership skills. I don’t care if you have a special program or not. I do know teaching the students about the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and using The Leader In Me (Covey) works! I have seen it. I have watched children become passionate learners, excited creators and willing ambassadors for social justice, mercy and peace. Whatever works for you, use it!

I encourage all educators, whether a newbie just starting out, or someone with years and years of experience to jump on the Leadership Train Ride. Your craft as an educator will grow. Your students will see measurable and encouraging differences in their lives almost immediately. What’s more, you will be leaving a legacy.

So the next time you see a train rolling by, or you are forced to wait at a train crossing, think about the students in our schools and their journey of learning. That train might be crossing your path for a reason. Our world desperately needs leaders who seek justice, mercy and peace. May our work as educators continue to invite students to leadership. I know this will always be my desire for all students, especially and including my grandchildren.

I look forward to meeting you on a train.

(P.S. Although this sounds like my last posting, it isn’t. Stay tuned for more as I share where my new train ride is taking me, what I am learning and what I feel called to do on this new ride!)

One thought on “The Leadership Train Ride

  1. I have been on this amazing train ride for three years. What a ride! I will be continuing the Leadership Train Ride. Thank you for your leadership! Happy retirement and safe travels on your new train rides.

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