Leaders Need To Read

I sat down with two of my grandsons this afternoon just before supper.  The deal was:  if Grandpa reads 5 books to you, only then do you get to play a game on Grandma’s iPad for 30 minutes.  Their eyes opened wide and they ran to the book box filled with children’s books.  They selected:  You’re Only Old Once by Dr. Seuss; Max’s Words by Kate Banks; Bats by National Geographic Kids (Elizabeth Carney); I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak; and How To Train A Train by Jason Carter Eaton.  I list these titles because you may be looking for new book titles for your 5 to 8 year olds.  The ‘I Love You…’ book is even younger, but my oldest grandson just loved reading the words.  He was surprised how many he could read.

The greatest gift I can give to my grandchildren, besides my love, is the desire and passion for reading.  We have books around all the time.  We have even more now, since both my wife and I retired at the end of June as administrators, which means our children’s book libraries we have built up over the 38 years as teachers have come home to roost!!  Yikes!  This passion for reading will serve our grandchildren well as they learn to become leaders and readers.  It is an exciting time of year right now, as they prepare for school to start in a couple of weeks.  Never stop reading to your children.  They will thank you and their skills will continue to develop on their journey to be leaders in their communities and careers.

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