Helping Leaders Grow

I have a most interesting life since June 30, 2018.  On that date I chose to leave the 38.5 year career as a teacher/administrator.  Did I actually LEAVE the career?  Well no!  My wife and I like to use the word ‘rewire’ rather than ‘retire’.  It is ‘rewiring’ happening every day.  My focus has changed from K-12 students and is now focused on post secondary students.  Teaching at Concordia University of Edmonton since September 2018 has been an amazing and refreshing change in my career.  What’s more, I am teaching a course entitled ‘An Introduction to the Profession of Teaching!’  Can it get any better than that?!  With sixty students divided into two sections, my wife and I are team teaching this course and are enjoying the new role of ‘Sessional Instructor’.

What hasn’t changed is the deep desire to continue supporting those who want to become leaders in the field of Education.  Yes, the material is considerably different, and these students actually have opinions and reasons for thinking the way they do.  But in the end, I still believe leadership can be taught.  I believe leadership must be taught.  I now get to practice my skill of teaching with those very people who perhaps one day will be standing in a classroom of students, struggling with differentiation, learning to be better at assessment, teaching students how to read and write, and yes, how to become leaders.  It is a whole new energy and a whole new way of learning for me.  It is still a joy to help those who want to learn.  What are you doing to help leaders grow in your profession?

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