I’m Baaaaccck!

Leadership skills never retire!

Yes, I am back! I actually haven’t been gone, but took a bit of time off to get used to this new lifestyle as a ‘rewired’ educational administrator. My last post was November 2018 and much has gone under the bridge since. The past three semesters have been spent as a sessional instructor at Concordia University. With my wife as a co-teacher (she too is a ‘rewired’ administrator) we managed to sneak in 8 sections of a course entitled: The Introduction To The Profession of Teaching. It was quite a joy, connecting with 18 and older students who are considering the teaching profession as a career.

December 2019 we decided to take the next semester off, and have laid out a travel plan with Maui, Anaheim, Vegas, Jasper and Alaska on the itinerary. All told, we are getting our travelling ‘bug’ taken care of, all the while connecting with our wonderful daughters and grandchildren.

My only thought, as I look forward, is to remind myself about the power of leadership skills in my life. I continue to read, connect with educators, and improve my craft as a technology integrated educator. Leadership skills never retire.

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