Leadership Post Pandemic

It has taken a pandemic the world over to bring truth to who really is essential in our world. It is not the politicians or the dictators, the military or the millionaires in the world. It is the doctors/nurses/medical professionals, front line workers, truck drivers, the farmers, the teachers, the day home and day care operators, the waiters/waitresses, the small business owners, the technology teams, the construction/electrician/plumber journeymen/women! The leadership skills necessary on a daily basis come from these human beings who selflessly work to support our world.

We need a new way of looking at our world and how it operates. We need to move away from the hunger for power and control. We need to move toward bi-partisanship that brings people together for the common good. Are we prepared for a ‘new normal’? We better be. If our world is to operate in what will certainly be a ‘new normal’ we must envision a new way of operating. Returning to what was is no longer an option. Relying on the previous way of leading our countries and our lives is not longer going to work. It actually wasn’t working already, and a pandemic proved it.

Today’s situation has made our world even smaller. We are a stones throw away from the next crisis, the next catastrophe, the next pandemic. Individualized countries cannot survive by themselves. We need each other. Putting walls around our living spaces only keeps us aware of what is happening right in front of our noses. This does not prepare anyone for anything.

Now is the time for vision and mission, for unity and collaboration. Now is the time for flattening the curve to provide for the entire human race, not just the rich and the powerful. We must seek out and encourage leadership admitting ‘I cannot change the world by myself’! We must move beyond separateness and bring together diversity in all its forms. The one underlying and unifying truth is our humanness. All else makes no difference.

Can we dream new dreams and leadership for all? Can we address the concerns of our world together rather than just our nations? Can we determine a new way of identifying leaders with authentic leadership skills that allow the gifts of each person to be realized and to flourish? I believe we have no other option if we want to be real.

A pandemic helps us to realize it is not about economy or employment or possessions. It is about human life, health, family and connectedness. Put away the criticism. Put away the one-upmanship. Remove the ego of “I am better than you because I have more.” There is enough to go around for all of us. We know this already and our current situation proves it.

It is time to gather the thinkers, the feelers, the empathizers and the visionaries. It is time to listen, examine what works and throw out what doesn’t to move forward as global citizens. Race, creed, religion and wealth should not separate us in this new normal. Diversity is the key as we address and meet the needs of our world.

Leadership Post Pandemic must be envisioned, developed, and implemented. Bring together the people of our world to do this work. Identify the key factors such as food, health, education, art, creativity, technology, governance and ingenuity. Do not rely on the single leader but rely on the collective leaders. Leaders surround themselves with leaders. Leaders believe in transparency and openness.

I challenge our world leaders to open their minds and hearts as we journey through this most serious event in our world history. I hope we realize this is a perfect time to paint a new masterpiece.

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