Preparing For The Unknown

Mere weeks before the start of the academic year in Alberta and much is still up in the air. The feelings and stresses caused by a global pandemic has left many people apprehensive at least and terrified at worst. My sense as we move forward is the need for common sense and leadership willing to make necessary choices for the future of our families, especially the children. I have watched many parents interviewed on television over the past few days as they respond to the question: “Are you sending your children to school in the fall?” For the most part, parents struggle with the answer. Some have decided on-line is the only way to go. Some have decided they are just going to run with the model proposed by the Government. School Districts are trying to be ‘all things to all people’ by offering both choices, or a hybrid of choices.

Regardless of what happens, this fall academic year is definitely going to be stressful. As we prepare for the unknown, I think of the times in my life when I did not know how things were going to turn out. I remember the nervous feelings in the pit of my stomach and the rush of fear I felt in my shoulders. In every case, it seems I managed to get through the situation due mostly to the team and group support of those around me. If the phrase ‘we are in this together’ or ‘we got this’ are getting overused, it is my sense they are ever more necessary right now. Let common sense and real genuine leadership make the decisions. Step along side the emotions (we still need them) and collaborate with the wisest in the room. Make the decisions and move forward. It is what has worked before and will work again. We will succeed.

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