The Most Dangerous Thing Of All

It feels like our lives are on hold.  It feels like we will never get back to ‘normal’.  We try to act normal, but are quickly reminded of the statistics happening in our world.  The number of cases continue to rise, the number of hospitalizations continue to rise and the number of deaths has become staggering. 

In all we are hearing, we continue to hear from the nay sayers and the anti vaccine folks:  This is all a hoax!  

There comes a point where I just want to hear the truth.  If I did need to make a judgement about the state of truth today, I would be remiss if I told you I am OK with how things are going in our world.  

A writer and close friend of mine recently spoke the following words:  “How do we know the truth?  It is branded inside of us.  This is what is happening with social media and politicians: if you say something often enough it becomes true.  That is the most dangerous thing of all.  There aren’t two separate truths.  There is no alternative truth.  There is only one truth.  Two and two is always four.  Numbers don’t lie.  It (truth) is the most dangerous thing we can play with.”

Let’s not play with the truth.  Let’s not jump on social media and express our own opinion without the facts.  Let’s continue to fact check what we hear, or simply ignore what is not coming from the medical authorities.  

Somewhere along the line, we have lost the desire for truth, replacing it with what is popular and exciting.  Can we get back to truth again?  It will be the least dangerous thing we can do.