Get Connected

The days of being a teacher in your classroom with the door closed are long over.  The data is clear:  ‘transformed teachers transform teachers!’  It is in connection with other educators is when my skills as an educator develop and soar.  One of the most impactful strategies I have been able to implement in my past two schools is a monthly ‘Collaboration Day’ or ‘Collab Day’.  It is a simple concept.  I budget to pay for substitute teachers to cover one full day per month (total of 9 in a school year) which allows all teachers to have a half day (half the teachers in the morning and the other half in the afternoon) to gather, collaborate, share, discover and challenge each other in their craft of teaching.

Second to collab days is the opportunity for every educator to ‘be connected’ using the power of many pieces of technology.  Whether it be your iPad or laptop, the apps of Twitter or Facebook, or the joy of reading and sharing a book on Kobo or Kindle, the days of ‘unconnectedness’ are over.  Teachers are able to share and connect with other educators from all over the world.  This page is the beginnings of a place for you as an educational leader to ‘get connected ‘ with others.  Check out how this can happen for your and your career.

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