With 38.5 years of teaching experience (Kindergarten to Grade 12), a committed leader in education and a desire to support educational leaders as an administrator (principal since 1998), I am proud to say my passions include leadership, technology, social justice, and teacher transformation.  As a speaker and workshop facilitator, I have the privilege to speak and guide educators on a regular basis.  As an Apple Distinguished Educator (2013) I have presented to many in North America regarding the power of technology in the hands of teachers/students in the classroom.  As a leader in education, I continue to be called as a speaker about the power of leadership skills instilled in the lives of students and staff.  If you are interested in booking me for a staff retreat, for a whole staff workshop, for specific events of staff professional development, or for one talk,  please contact me.

(All talks, presentations and workshops can be tailor made to your setting and needs.)
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Leadership for ALL:  How Even 5 Year Olds Can Be Leaders
Does the culture in your school need a lift?  Are you doing the ‘same old, same old’?  This presentation or full day workshop will set your school up for success using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  ‘The Leader In Me‘, a national program from Franklin Covey, has changed the cultures of hundreds of schools in North America and beyond.  It can support the necessary changes in your school too.  I will walk you through the power of leadership and the gift leadership skills are for students even as young as five years old.

Effective Behavioural Supports:  Strategies for Student Behaviour & Improved Learning
Behavioural concerns in any classroom often dictate the scope of learning for every student.  This presentation invites the input of staff to first describe your school as you know it, list the positives and negatives.  Then, using a simple yet effective process, I will demonstrate the need for data collection and staff collaboration to support the needed behavioural changes for students to improve school culture and support the learning results of every single child.

Teachers, Technology and Transformation
Are you a teacher who would like a better understanding of how to use technology more effectively?  Are you also looking for strategies to transform your teaching and address the learning of all students?  Today, mobile and personal technology has called teachers to examine their pedagogy.  In this dynamic, interactive presentation, I will take you on a journey with the latest apps and strategies to support your work in the classroom.  The heart of this presentation is how you can become a transformed, connected educator, using technology to support students on their learning journey.

Leadership and the 5 Stages of Social Justice
Are the students in your school longing to become leaders?  Do they know the skills leaders need?  This presentation will support the growth of leaders in every child while inviting all students to “be the change” the world needs today.  Using the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and the power of the 5 Stages of Social Justice, I will help your school team understand the power of the 7 Habits and how to connect them with the 5 Stages of Social Justice.  The result:  students changing their world.

The Practical Principal:  How Can I Create Lead Learning Staff
As an administrator with more than 20 years of administrative experience, I would like to share what works and what doesn’t in the creation of a strong, healthy lead learning educational team in your school.  From monthly collaboration to weekly ‘standup meetings’.  From weekly student assemblies to professional development led by teachers; this presentation is all about the practical strategies any principal can implement to create a school culture of welcoming, learning and change.

How To Become A One-To-One School
Is your school wondering what to do with the advancement of technology in the classroom, or lack of it?  Are your teachers floundering or ‘scared’ to step up and take technology by the horns and make it work for themselves and their students.  Join me in this talk or workshop to examine the process of implementing one-to-one iPads in your school setting, regardless of the budget you may have.  In a dynamic and interactive presentation, you will come away with as many ideas as you can handle to support the implementation of technology into the world of learning your school wants to share with every student.  I will help you to move your students from consumers to creators.